Ballroom and Latin American Dance Lessons

Dance Acceleration

Dance Acceleration opened on the 1st of September 2003. The system was created in 1910.

All our personnel are handpicked, therefore, they should be of high caliber as far as background, education, and appearance and talents are concerned. It is our sincere desire that all personnel conduct themselves in the manner best conductive to good business etiquette and morals.

Dance Acceleration has a term called “Professional Attitude”. All personnel are requested to maintain a “professional attitude”.

This simply means an attitude of thorough knowledge of the subject, expressed with confidence and poise, and at the same time expressing a businesslike attitude in the associations with pupils and fellow personnel. This policy helps “Dance Acceleration” to keep a very high standard and an excellent reputation in our Business Community.

The Dance Acceleration System of Teaching is known as the very best, because it simplifies what is often thought to be a difficult procedure.

With our method millions have been enabled to learn how to dance. Special techniques in advanced dancing helped thousands of people to develop in outstanding dancers. People from all walks of life became accomplished dancers, even those who thought it would be impossible.

Dance Acceleration consists of men and women who have devoted a great deal of time and effort in learning to dance well and teach well. All our personnel are qualified teachers with many accomplishments in there dancing and teaching. Many people thought they would not able to learn, but we proved them wrong.

We know from experience that good dancing offers many wonderful benefits. Everybody has their own personal reason(s) for taking dance lessons. Your needs might be of a more social nature, or it can be medical reasons that makes dancing good for you. Here are some points to consider why you should learn to dance:

Ø Dancing is healthy exercise while you have fun. For example, It helps blood circulation and strengthens muscles.

Ø Dancing offers an opportunity to become more popular at social events. Let’s face it, everyone likes to dance with someone who dances well.

Ø You can meet more people and make new friends at dance parties and social events.

Ø You can get more fun out of life from learning something new and putting it to practical use. You can even dress up and go to places and functions you never went to before. Wouldn’t it be fun to dance at informal and formal occasions?

Ø Dancing gives you the opportunity to express yourself on the dance floor.

Ø Dancing is a great way to escape from the everyday rush. You can’t think about your worries while you have fun or learn something new. Dancing your favorite dance will make you feel happy and relaxed.

Ø Your work might expect you to attend a function where dancing is the highlight and it is expected of you to participate.

Ø Your work might expect you to attend a function where dancing is the highlight and it is expected of you to participate.

Ø When you learn to dance, your confidence will increase with experience on the dance floor.

Ø Dancing is a personality builder. It gives you confidence and freedom to explore and express yourself.

Ø More social and party invitations will come your way when people know you can dance. Good dancers are normally the life of a party. Would it not be great if someone see you dancing and want to be able to dance just like you?

Dancing Improves poise and appearance. It improves posture and everybody wants to look good on the dance floor.
At Dance Acceleration, we are focused on providing excellent services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

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