Is Ballroom Dancing still popular?

Ballroom Dancing

Why Ballroom Dancing Isn’t Going Out of Style

When you think of ballroom dancing today, you might think of the stuffy dances of yesteryear.

Ballroom dancing may seem irrelevant in today’s world, but know that it’s by no means outdated. The roots of modern dance are ballroom dances. Why do you think ballroom dancing is obsolete, but not other types of dance? Many modern dances actually have their roots in ballroom dancing.

Once you’ve learned a few ballroom dancing basics, you should be able to learn other types of dance well.

Dancing With The Stars Is Incredibly Popular Dancing With The Stars is popular for a reason. Because ballroom dancing still alive.

If you love watching popular shows and want to dance like that, you know ballroom dancing classes can help you reach that goal. 

Dancing is Still needed for formal events if you’re going to a wedding or a cruise, you’re likely to see more ballroom dancing than you think. 

Taking classes will prepare you for all kinds of social events. As you can see, ballroom dancing is great in today’s society.

If you want to try it, please contact Dance Acceleration.

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  1. Thank you for contacting Dance Acceleration!

    Hi, yes.
    Are you a single lady or a couple?

    277B Braam Pretorius Str., Sinoville, Pretoria.

    Monday’s – Friday’s 13:00 – 22:00

    It’s individual lessons.

    When do you want to book a free lesson?

    The first course is R 700. That equals 4 x half an hour lessons or 2 hour lessons. That is to see what your ability are.

    Thereafter you’ll choose a package which will suit you.


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